Important Tips to Remember When Showing Your Atlanta Home

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The Atlanta Real Estate market is crowded and you have your home for sale as well, so what are some suggestions to help you make your home stand out?

Your showing or open house is a prime opportunity to make a sale. Your home is on display, ready to enamor the first buyer who walks through the door.

But before you lay out that welcome mat just yet, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure that your showing goes off without a hitch:

  1. Remove your pets. Not everyone is a pet lover, and not everyone wants to hear a barking dog from behind a closed door or a cat rubbing up against their leg.

    Make arrangements ahead of time to ensure that the pets are not in the home. Hide pet dishes and litter boxes, if possible, and ask friends or family members to take care of Fido or Fluffy during a showing or an open house.

    Another good option is to simply take your dog for a walk during a showing.

  1. Clean up the clutter. Dishes in the sink, shoes by the front door, magazines strewn about on the couch. You get the idea. Take a few minutes to tidy up and wipe things down so that buyers will immediately get a positive feeling when they walk through the front door.
  2. Prepare the front entrance. Sweep the front porch, display a few colorful annuals near the front door and make sure there are no tripping hazards on the walkway, driveway or front porch.
  3. Make the beds. This may sound like a no-brainer, but in the hustle and bustle of preparing for a showing, many sellers overlook this obvious point. A tidy room with a made bed immediately gives the impression of a warm, comfortable space.
  4. Leave early and don’t come back before your visitors leave. A present homeowner is the quickest way to make potential buyers walk out the door.

    Home buyers typically do not feel comfortable looking around a home with the seller present, and will often leave prematurely because of this. Make sure all cars and signs of visitors are gone before returning home.

  1. Remain flexible regarding appointments. Although an hour is not your idea of proper notice, try to accommodate visitors when possible. With fewer buyers than sellers on the market, you don’t want to be in a position where you are turning away a potential buyer.

    Just remember that each visit by a potential buyer is an opportunity to sell your home.

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Scott wrote: I've had quite a few customers who hired me to upgrade the plumbing and fixtures in their kitchens and bathrooms to make their houses more sellable. In the current Atlanta Real Estate market, anything you can do to add a competitive edge to your home will improve your chances of moving the house more quickly.

-Scott the Plumber

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