EarthCraft House: Greater Atlanta's Residential Green Building Program

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EarthCraft House is a program which was created in 1999 to promote environmentally friendly residential building practices.

As a program of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association and Southface Energy Institute, EarthCraft House promotes environmental building policies throughout the Greater Atlanta region.

There are now over 4,000 EarthCraft House single-family homes and over 1,500 EarthCraft multi-family dwellings throughout the Greater Atlanta region. In addition, there are now six EarthCraft residential communities, thereby proving that the EarthCraft House program can be successfully produced on a larger scale.

The centerpiece of EarthCraft House is energy and resource-efficient homes which are certified to meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards. This means that each builder must verify that they have addressed the issues of site planning, energy efficient techniques and equipment, waste management and indoor air quality.

EarthCraft House, which has builders throughout the southeastern United States, was recently awarded with the National Association of Home Builders 2008 Green Building Program of the Year.

To become a qualified EarthCraft home builder, builders must:

  • Be in good standing with the Home Builders Association;
  • Join the EarthCraft Program and complete a training program;
  • Submit preliminary paperwork for the chosen house and receive design and construction advice through EarthCraft House;
  • Submit a final worksheet that shows the measures taken to become a qualified EarthCraft House home; and
  • Undergo required inspections to verify that the home meets certain efficiency standards.

Builders in the EarthCraft House Program are free to explore the best ways to reduce pollution and conserve natural resources, depending on each, individual situation. Because of this, EarthCraft House is flexible in its standards and recognizes that there are many different ways to achieve an environmentally friendly home.

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