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If you intend to place your Atlanta home on the market, you probably already know that curb appeal has a significant impact on how potential buyers will perceive your home. Curb appeal is how a home looks to buyers from the outside. If your yard is overgrown, you have trash in your yard, or the paint is peeling from your house, some buyers may not even bother to come inside and view your home's interior. Curb appeal, however, is not limited to making your home presentable. Your goal, rather, should be to make your home's exterior so charming that it makes up for any other aspect of the house that a buyer does not particularly like.

View Your House Objectively

As hard as it may be to view your home from an objective point of view, it is necessary to

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Thinking about taking advantage of record low interest rates and rock bottom prices of homes for sale in metro Atlanta? One of the first and biggest questions asked by buyers is: Will I qualify for a home loan? Because of the stringent guidelines set forth by many of today’s lenders, this is not only a common question, but a realistic question, as well.

Will you qualify for a home loan? Although the answer to this question will ultimately depend on the lender and their minimum qualifications, there are a number of things you can look at to better determine whether or not you will qualify for a traditional mortgage in today’s home loan market:

• Down payment – Do you have money saved up for a down payment, or will the sale of your current home be

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Everyone touts the benefits of homeownership and, for the most part, homeownership is a wise, financial choice for most people. However, there are times and occasions when homeownership may not be the best decision, and renting may make more sense.

If you've been considering one of the many homes for sale in Atlanta but are not sure if you're in a position to buy, the following list will help you decide if you may want to put owning a home on the back burner:

1. No Cash in the Bank – Just a few years ago banks were offering plenty of attractive home loan programs; many of which required little to no down payments. Today, however, is a much different story, as banks are much more particular regarding to whom they will lend money. In particular, a

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Are you ready to negotiate your way to a good real estate deal? For many Atlanta home buyers, this aspect of purchasing a home is the least understood. In fact, many home buyers rely on the expertise of a great real estate agent to take care of the negotiation end of the real estate transaction.

While employing the help of a qualified Atlanta real estate agent to handle negotiations is a smart move, it is in your best interest to also have a good idea of the ins and outs of negotiating the deal so you can be sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Here’s what you’ll want to consider:

The Local Market – One of the most important considerations when making an initial offer or negotiating the sales price of a home is the local market

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What does the perfect Atlanta home look like? Is it a condo overlooking the city or a small country home that comes complete with a white picket fence?

If you ask 10 people about their idea of a perfect home, you will likely get a decidedly different answer from each person. This is because what you desire and need is likely far different from what your friend or neighbor desires or needs.

If you want to convey your thoughts of your perfect home to your Atlanta Realtor so that he or she can find the home that’s right for you, consider the following:

The home’s location – Don’t just think in terms of geographical location, like the city or town. Instead, think beyond that. In other words, consider the location of the home. Do you want to live on a

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The process to buy a home can be anything but short and sweet. It seems like there is an opportunity at every turn for something to go wrong with the volumes of paperwork to sign and documentation to review. When you get worn down, it can get confusing to figure out which steps are necessary to take and which ones can be avoided. Here are some important considerations to keep in mind that you’ll be thankful you made time for.

Choose your real estate agent wisely

Just because a friend of a friend recommended someone to be your agent doesn’t mean they will be a good fit personally or professionally. You should work with a real estate agent who is also a REALTOR, which is someone who has additional training and adheres to a national code of ethics. Your

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Customers First

As a boutique Atlanta real estate company our primary focus has always been and will always be our customers, we’re honored to represent a wonderful group of remarkable people in the purchase and sell of some of Atlanta’s finest properties.

We also pride ourselves on being early adopters of the latest technology in real estate and in many cases we have been among the first in Atlanta to employ these technologies. The website that you’re on now will be celebrating it’s 10th birthday next month and it has come a long

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Certainly, there are things about any home you can look past: the stain on the carpet, the peeling wallpaper in the kitchen, or the outdated bathroom sink. But there are five areas of a home that simply can’t be overlooked in terms of damage or flaws. They are:

Foundation problems – A home’s foundation, and the integrity of it, is of extreme importance because if the foundation is compromised, you can be sure that the rest of home is too. From bowing walls to large cracks or a shifting foundation, there are a number of things that can go wrong with the foundation. Although many foundation problems can be repaired, it is best to get the advice of a professional before making an offer on a home that has foundation problems.

Moisture problems

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You may have heard about today’s market being a buyer’s market. But what exactly does this mean?

In general, a buyer’s market refers to a real estate market that is beneficial to buyers. A buyer’s market means that a number of factors are in the buyer’s favor creating buying opportunities. This usually means the following:

• There is a larger inventory of homes – In a buyer’s market, you can be sure that there are a lot of homes on the market from which to choose. In other words, the supply is greater than the demand. As a result of more sellers and less buyers, the price of homes during a buyer’s market usually drops. In addition, buyers may be able to negotiate better prices and terms with sellers because sellers may be anxious to sell their

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Home staging is an important step in the successful sale of your home. Sprucing up your house inside and out can pay off big dividends in your final sale price. The art of home staging is often best left to Atlanta real estate professionals, but there are a number of steps you can take to get your house market-ready as well. We have four steps to home staging to help you attract buyers and a higher price tag.atlanta luxury kitchen

First Impressions Count
Potential buyers form an opinion of your home within 30 seconds, which means curb appeal counts. Lawns should be freshly mowed, flowers tended and walkways swept. Clean your front door and touch up paint if necessary. Invest in a hanging basket or flower pot by your entrance to provide a welcoming touch.

Make a Grand

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