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tina_fountain_realtors_for_sale_sign_302For the past six years, the housing market has been an anchor that has weighed down the entire American economy. After reaching the height of the bubble in 2006, housing prices have fallen by 34 percent nationwide, and the decline has been even more severe in certain areas where the real estate market was particularly frenetic before the credit crisis. Some areas of the metro Atlanta real estate market have seen prices drop even more that the 34 percent national average.

Declining Housing Values

With the dramatic decline in housing prices, millions of homeowners who bought at the top of the market found themselves "underwater" on their mortgages – the value of their home was less than the debt owed on the house. Given the negative equity in their

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decorated atlanta home for sale

A few simple changes to your Atlanta home might just make the difference in how quickly you sell it for the price you're asking. Some of the most basic tips include removing distractions and creating harmony and balance.

When a person enters a room for the first time, he or she may either gain a pleasing sense of balance and order, or may feel something is askew. They probably won't dwell on it, and the reason they're put off may not be easy to put a finger on. In my many years as a top selling real estate agent in Atlanta I've actually seen buyers have a hard time looking beyond the distractions. As a seller it's in your best interest to do an inventory of your home with the following tips to ensure each room is well received.

Highlight a Focal

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If you intend to place your Atlanta home on the market, you probably already know that curb appeal has a significant impact on how potential buyers will perceive your home. Curb appeal is how a home looks to buyers from the outside. If your yard is overgrown, you have trash in your yard, or the paint is peeling from your house, some buyers may not even bother to come inside and view your home's interior. Curb appeal, however, is not limited to making your home presentable. Your goal, rather, should be to make your home's exterior so charming that it makes up for any other aspect of the house that a buyer does not particularly like.

View Your House Objectively

As hard as it may be to view your home from an objective point of view, it is necessary to

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Thinking about taking advantage of record low interest rates and rock bottom prices of homes for sale in metro Atlanta? One of the first and biggest questions asked by buyers is: Will I qualify for a home loan? Because of the stringent guidelines set forth by many of today’s lenders, this is not only a common question, but a realistic question, as well.

Will you qualify for a home loan? Although the answer to this question will ultimately depend on the lender and their minimum qualifications, there are a number of things you can look at to better determine whether or not you will qualify for a traditional mortgage in today’s home loan market:

• Down payment – Do you have money saved up for a down payment, or will the sale of your current home be

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