March 2012

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Are you ready to negotiate your way to a good real estate deal? For many Atlanta home buyers, this aspect of purchasing a home is the least understood. In fact, many home buyers rely on the expertise of a great real estate agent to take care of the negotiation end of the real estate transaction.

While employing the help of a qualified Atlanta real estate agent to handle negotiations is a smart move, it is in your best interest to also have a good idea of the ins and outs of negotiating the deal so you can be sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Here’s what you’ll want to consider:

The Local Market – One of the most important considerations when making an initial offer or negotiating the sales price of a home is the local market

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What does the perfect Atlanta home look like? Is it a condo overlooking the city or a small country home that comes complete with a white picket fence?

If you ask 10 people about their idea of a perfect home, you will likely get a decidedly different answer from each person. This is because what you desire and need is likely far different from what your friend or neighbor desires or needs.

If you want to convey your thoughts of your perfect home to your Atlanta Realtor so that he or she can find the home that’s right for you, consider the following:

The home’s location – Don’t just think in terms of geographical location, like the city or town. Instead, think beyond that. In other words, consider the location of the home. Do you want to live on a

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