January 2012

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If you’ve been a regular visitor to tinafountain.com then you’ve noticed the design and functionality upgrades that we recently launched. Thank you for the many compliments as we continue to tweak and make adjustments.

Customers First

As a boutique Atlanta real estate company our primary focus has always been and will always be our customers, we’re honored to represent a wonderful group of remarkable people in the purchase and sell of some of Atlanta’s finest properties.

We also pride ourselves on being early adopters of the latest technology in real estate and in many cases we have been among the first in Atlanta to employ these technologies. The website that you’re on now will be celebrating it’s 10th birthday next month and it has come a long

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Certainly, there are things about any home you can look past: the stain on the carpet, the peeling wallpaper in the kitchen, or the outdated bathroom sink. But there are five areas of a home that simply can’t be overlooked in terms of damage or flaws. They are:

Foundation problems – A home’s foundation, and the integrity of it, is of extreme importance because if the foundation is compromised, you can be sure that the rest of home is too. From bowing walls to large cracks or a shifting foundation, there are a number of things that can go wrong with the foundation. Although many foundation problems can be repaired, it is best to get the advice of a professional before making an offer on a home that has foundation problems.

Moisture problems

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