September 2011

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Atlanta New Home Construction

Most Atlanta real estate buyers know a home inspection is good protection against purchasing a piece of property with significant problems. But what if issues arise during the home inspection? Sometimes it can be difficult to know when to ask for repairs, a home allowance – or simply walk away from the deal. Check out these tips for taking home inspection problems in stride.

Reading the Report

Once your home inspection is complete, go over the report carefully. There are nearly always a few items on the inspection report, which could range from very minor DIY repair projects to major structural issues. Determine which problems you can handle and which will require a professional. These are the issues that you will need to address with the seller prior…
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Nothing can be worse than settling on a wrong mortgage loan and suffering throughout the repayment term. Shopping around for the best mortgage loan is a necessity if you’re keen on saving your dollars on the outrageously high interest rates.

As you place your home as collateral, you must make sure that you make timely payments on the loans so that the lenders can’t think of foreclosing your house in an attempt to recuperate the payments. Though there are loan modifications and mortgage refinancing options that you may resort to when you fall back on the monthly mortgage payments, yet you must make sure that you take all the steps so that you don’t need to resort to any further options to repay your home loan. Here are some important steps that you must

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Atlanta Short Sales

Atlanta Short Sales

The abundance of short sales across the country has made for affordable Atlanta real estate for buyers, but it has also had a direct impact on the housing market overall. Whether you are in the market for cheap Atlanta real estate, or thinking about selling your own home, it is important to know what a short sale is and how it can affect your own real estate transaction. We have the lowdown on the state of the short sale market today.

What is a Short Sale?

Short sales occur when a borrower is a number of months behind in mortgage payments, and the mortgage company agrees to accept a lower amount than what is actually owed on the property. The buyer benefits because he can unload a property he can no longer afford, avoiding

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