February 2011

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When searching for Atlanta real estate online you'll notice a few properties listed as short sales. These properties are a little different than a normal home and it takes an experienced real estate agent to ensure you get to closing as they are subject to a bank (third party) approval. The short sale process can be long and grueling so be prepared to get dirty! Here are 5 things you need to know before buying Atlanta short sales:

The Listing Price Doesn't Tell The Whole Story

If short sales are so difficult, why do so many people want to buy them? The answer is listing price. Short sales are normally listed below true market value causing quite a ruckus with home buyers. It's typical for a buyer to see a short sale priced lower than comparative

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When putting a home on the market, it is essential to do everything possible to grab the attention of potential buyers. This is particularly true in a buyer's market, as the market is more saturated with options for buyers who are looking for a great home at a good price. One way to ensure your home is viewed favorably by potential buyers is to take stage your home to sell.

Proper staging techniques are typically applicable in any local real estate market. Proper staging techniques will help you sell a home in Austin just as well as it will help you sell a property in Atlanta. However, staging techniques may vary based on property type. A condo seller will not need to worry about landscaping, while someone selling a single family residence will.

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