July 2010

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You're motivated.  You're excited.  You're even impatient.  After all, you're ready to change locations! Whether for a career move or a simple change of scenery, you want things to move smoothly in the selling of your home.  However, in your haste to move, you make a few slip-ups. 

These mistakes could cost you dearly, so it's wise to take the following warnings into account and make your house-selling smart. 

In the real estate industry, these five things are listed as reasonably sure ways to hurt the chances – and the profit potential – in selling your home.

1 - Asking too much for the house.  There may be an agent who wants your business so much that he or she will suggest to you an unusually high sales price.  You get caught up in the

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Atlanta Home Staging

Home staging is one of the most effective ways to garner top dollar for your home for sale.  By staging your home properly, you can truly help buyers imagine the fantastic life they will lead by buying your home! Regardless of whether you're selling a modest starter home or a multi-million dollar estate, buyers almost always respond better to a home that's been staged.  Here are a few tips that will allow you to begin staging your home:

  1. Remove any excess furniture - One of the first tips when staging your home is to remove the clutter. Simply put, it becomes very difficult for buyers to focus on your home when there is an abundance of furniture blocking their view. A good rule of thumb is to remove anything that's not serving an immediate
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